Are you a student?

Take the opportunity to apply your knowledge and gain a valuable merit that will give you an advantage in your career as a student!

Careers in HandelsFöretagen

You don't have to wait until after your studies to start building your career. HandelsFöretagen's companies offer practical experience, unbeatable networks, and a faster way into the business world. Together, we are the combined student power that employers want.

Working in a student union company is also a way to quickly climb the career ladder, learn to take responsibility, and develop your leadership skills. There are great personal development opportunities within the companies, and if you show initiative, take responsibility, and have a strong drive, you even have the opportunity to sit in the management teams!

Expert in stocks? 

Handel Capital Management gathers the most ambitious students at the university whose interests lie in finance and investments. The company manages a portion of the conglomerate's and the student union's assets.

With us, students gain practical experience in wealth management and stock analysis, which is a strong merit for a future career.

Want to make students' everyday life more enjoyable? 

HHGS Nöjes organizes external events, including record-breaking parties at Gothenburg's finest clubs and unforgettable parties at the most beautiful locations. At our events, we bring students together and enable networking, partying, and dancing!

Part-time as a management consultant? 

HandelsConsulting gives Handelshögskolans students the opportunity to practice parts of their education in real-life settings. Our services cover all areas of teaching at the School of Business, Economics and Law, which means that regardless of what you are studying, you can contribute your expertise to our clients.

You will also have access to training by prominent figures in the business world and be part of a great group of student consultants who carry out many fun social activities together.

Passionate about accounting? 

HandelsFinance offers you at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg a unique opportunity to get a head start in your future career. As a consultant with us, you will primarily work with accounting and financial management for clients, providing students with excellent opportunities to network and gain work experience.

Strategic thinker or creative creator? 

As a consultant with us at HandelsMarketing, you work either as a strategist or a communicator. Our vision is to offer innovative ideas, knowledge, and expertise in communication, marketing, and strategy. We work both analytically to develop strategies and creatively to practically implement communicative solutions .

Interested in business Law?

HandelsJuristerna offers you, who are studying law at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, the opportunity to get a head start in your future career in business law. You will perform a range of tasks in all areas of business law with full responsibility for your own clients, and learn completely new things that the education cannot offer. As part of HandelsJuristerna, you will meet people in your workplace who share the same passion as you do.